6,000 lb Utility Duty Winch
  • Compact and light weight allows a wide range of application. For example: crane hoist, gear motor, lifting winch, boat trailer winch, equipment lift, lifter, rack lift, cargo lift.
  • High torque permanent magnet motor delivers heavy line pull at lower amp and slip free dynamic brake.
  • Compound gear wheel gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the most rugged conditions.
  • Sliding pin and ring gear clutch for rapid free spool.
  • Double mechanical ratchets brake and motor dynamic brake ensure holding the load without slippage.
  • Manual override in case power is lost
  • 12 strand construction synthetic rope, coated to improve abrasion resistance and to protect from the ingress of dirt and grit.
  • Built-in digital signal two way wireless remote control and waterproof remote control w/5 m (17’) cord.
  • Intelligence Dashboard (IDB) functions:
    - On/Off switch prevents the vehicle battery from draining when not in use.
    - With LED fan-shaped battery life indicator.
    - Wireless signal icon that is continuously illuminated to confirm the wireless remote is paired with the winch.