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EasyLift -  Portable Compact Hoist (300/500/1000 kg lifting load)

  • Permanent magnetic motor features constant output and low noise level.
  • Lightweight and compact designs are ideal for easy installation.
  • Dual brakes for mechanical ratchet pawls and a motor dynamic brake provide slip free operation.
  • Power cutoff switch prevent the overloading of the hoist
  • Tough Steel Alloy die cast housing provides massive structural durability.
  • Can operate on standard domestic power supply and equip with industrial plug
  • A switch w/emergency stop comes as standard
  • A 360° top hook fitted with a self-locking latch is capable of swiveling with the safe working load applied
  • Standard Compliance: CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, CE LVD Directive 2014/35/EU.
  • Unlimited lifting height, based on the length of the used wire rope.
Specification/Part Numbers

Part Number:  EL-300  PN 363200
                         EL-500  PN 364920
                         EL-1000  PN 360010

 Model EL-300 EL-500 EL-1000
 Duty Cycle    10% ED with at 100%of rated load
 Motor Output  500W 800W  
 Voltage    200~240V AC, single phase
 Lifting Load  300 kg  500 kg  1,000 kg
 Gear Ratio    235.5:1
 Line Speed  6.0 m/min 4.8 m/min 2.4 m/min
 Lifting Height   30M  15M
Full capacity maximum continuos lifting
 Brake brakes for mechanical ratchet pawls and motor dynamic brake
 Wire Rope Standard with A7x19,Ø6.3mm x 15 M
 Switch Code 10m with emergency stop
 Protection Overload Protector (manual reset)
 Hoist Weight 16.4 kg 16.9 kg  16.9 kg
 Gross Weight 24.9 kg 25.4 kg 36.7 kg 
 Box Dimension 505 x 244 x 403 mm   


  • The hoist is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel.
  • The fixing point for baby hoist shall be capable of supporting the load required.


  • Each new hoist is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. Chain are not included under warranty

Dimension in mm/in: 


Standard Accessories:

  • Wire rope:Ø 6.3mm x 15 m
  • Remote control w/emergency stop w/1.25 mm2 x 6C x 10 m cord
  • Industrial plug w/1.5 mm2 x 3C x 3 m
  • Hook:5/16”Clevis Hook 
  • Double Rope:(EL-1000) 
  • Tackle Block: (EL-1000)
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