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COMEUP Wireless Remote Control - Upgrade 2013/08/19
Dear Customer,


 We are glad to inform that we have applied an Engineering Change and added an extra accessory, Holder for ATV, toward COMEUP “Wireless Remote Control (WRC)” to make it even smarter and more user-friendly in operation. Having the E/C and the extra Holder, off-roader will find it easy to carry and operate COMEUP WRC.

The Engineering Change was deployed to make COMEUP WRC not only “No in-band Interference “but also Free from “Time-Lag” in winching. Comparing to other WRC in the market that normally takes 0.5 -1 sec to start or atop the winch, the enhanced COMEUP WRC can command the winch (from as far as 27M radius) to work or stop as simultaneously as it was pressed. Meanwhile, the new holder will enable ATV drivers to hook the WRC tightly onto ATV without falling during off-road activity.

The advantage of the new COMEUP WRC is summarized as attached literature for easy reference. We believe these new features will help transform all customers from “Wired Control” into “Wireless Control” and make off-road more fun. Please feel free to contact us should you have any question on the new features of COMEUP WRC, thank you.

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