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COMEUP SEAL GEN2 16.5絞盤榮獲2016 拉斯維加斯汽配展(SEMA)全球媒體獎(GLOBAL MEDIA AWARD) 2015/11/13


ComeUp has expanded the Seal Gen2 Series winches, with the addition of three, 16,500 pound line pull capacity non-integrated units. The Seal 16.5 is the perfect winch for larger vehicles including both domestic and import full size trucks. Like all of the Seal Series winches, the new Seal 16.5 winches are fully submersible. Other common features of the Seal Series include the following:

  • Fully sealed transmission and motor system
  • Built in thermal detector with LED indicators
  • Submersible sealed contactor
  • Water proof remote control
  • External automatic full load Cone Brake Structure (CBS), perfect for synthetic rope16.5 with wire rope

The three Seal Gen2 16.5 versions available are as follows:

  • 16.5 with wire rope
  • 16.5s with synthetic rope
  • 16.5rs with built in wireless remote and synthetic rope

New Seal Gen2 series deliver 9.5k,12.5k & 16.5k pound capacities. All come with steel rope or roller fairlead and wireless remote.

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